Pacing For Pain

Seeing thousands of people with pain problems over ten years has meant I have listened to a ton of stories of how it started, what it’s like now and how the person is coping with it. Over time these stories organised themselves into patterns in my brain and led to my interest in controlling activity.
Activity in chronic pain problems is often badly restricted and many people resent this more than the pain itself.
So I’ve finally written down all I know about activity, pacing and how to stop yourself pushing too hard and getting worse with time.
My ebook is called Pacing For Pain and is available from Smashwords in all the major ebook formats or from your favourite retailer. You can get a FREE sample of 20% of the book so you can read some of it and make up your mind. And if you sign up on the right you can get 50% at Smashwords now!

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My website Pacing For Pain has more information on this publication.
I’d be really grateful if anyone would like to leave me comments via this site (hopefully before posting a poor review!) so I can improve the book with time.

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