The Over-Activity Cycle

This is a common habit we all share at one time or another.

We push ourselves to complete:

  • The window cleaning
  • Digging the vegetable plot
  • Painting the house
  • Shopping
  • Housework
  • A long drive

There are many other examples. I’m sure you can come up with some which are special to you.

A few days of pain or strain may be the only consequences of overdoing a particular activity. However, if an activity is overdone often enough it can lead to a longer lasting problem as the pain comes on sooner and sooner in the job.

The pain still goes away though. At least at first.

Then comes the time when you have to do the same job again and the pain stops you completing it but this time it doesn’t go away. It settles to some degree but remains at a low level. If you try the job again at any time the pain increases so fast that you have to stop pretty quickly.

You have now got an overuse injury which will limit your future ability to do the job in question and perhaps some related activities. It is very difficult to fix this kind of problem once the pain has set in.

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