Elbow pain – tendonitis update

It’s been about five weeks since I started my regime of strengthening my forearm muscles and there has been progress. I’m not yet sure if it’s affected my tennis elbow pain but I’m only just starting.

When I began squeezing the weaker of the two hand grippers I could do about seven proper closes, where the handles came together with an audible click to show I had fully closed them.

Now I can easily do 12 closes and for three sets, using this to warm up my forearms before I move to the stronger set of grippers. I bought the .5 (point five) gripper which has a closing strength of 120 pounds but as my grip was very weak to start with I could not close it even half way.

Well I still can’t close the .5 gripper all the way even once yet, but I’m getting closer and doing seven good reps for three sets after I have warmed up. My forearm then feels really pumped up and overall my grip feels stronger.

So I’m continuing to use the strengthening, every other day, to see if it helps my tennis elbow pain tendonitis problem. If you’ve got any good ideas to help this troublesome and not easily treated problem please let me know.

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