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As part of my core beliefs I place very high value on integrity and honesty in what I write and say, including what relates to any marketing of products on the site. I would like you to be aware that I get financial compensation for some of my recommendations. Although I strive to be objective and only recommend products I have used and been happy with, this financial reward may influence posts, topics, reviews or advertising on the site.

Any financial conflicts of interest may not always be apparent but here are a few ways that PainGuy.com might make money:

When I write a product review I typically include a link to the sales page of a product via an “affiliate link”. If you click on the link and decide to buy the product because it’s a good fit for you, the seller’s system keeps track of where your came from and I get a commission for your referral. As I do have a financial incentive to recommend products to you, you should be aware of this, although I will always have bought the product and love using it unless I state to the contrary.

At the moment I do not accept advertising but if I did they would also be affiliate-type links where I would get a commission if you should click through and buy. There would never be any increased cost to you. Overall you should keep in your mind that I may be making money when you use my site. Mostly I do not get paid when I write about services, other sites, topics or products, I’ll let you know when I do.

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Overall I am committed to being open and transparent so that you may decide to trust my opinions. I avoid anything which could be construed as sneaky, underhand or not fully explained.