Comments Policy

I want you to leave comments on my blog but I decide to publish your comment or not and my decision is final. I really do not want to edit or remove comments and am sure I will do this very rarely.

I apply the following policy to comments on my blog:

  • Links are not permitted to gambling, porn, hate or arms sites.
  • Your comments have to relate to the ongoing conversation and if they are they can be very short or very long, that’s OK.
  • Comments not related to the ongoing conversation such as “great site, very helpful” or “thanks for the great info” will not be permitted.
  • Don’t include affiliate links in your comment, either I’ll refuse the comment or take off the affiliate ID.
  • I’ll remove any links that I don’t approve of.
  • Your contact name may be keywords related to your site but please add your first name at some point.
  • I reserve the right to delete any comments or URLs linked to if I decide they are not suitable.
  • Overall I reserve the right to delete or edit any comments.