About Jonnie the Pain Guy


jonathan blood smythHow I Might Be Able To Help You

My main aim to to help you with any pain problem you might have.

This might mean:

  • You want to understand your pain condition more clearly
  • You want to understand the meanings of the words doctors use
  • You want ideas or advice on pain treatment or pain management strategies
  • You’re looking for products to help cope with your pain

I aim to provide:

  • Information about pain and pain conditions
  • Presentations and videos to more fully explain pain ideas
  • Reviews of the latest research papers and what they mean for me and you
  • Treatment types
  • Reviews of products which might be useful to those in pain.

So if the Pain Guy can help you in any way, I will, just drop me a line via the contact link above in the menu and I’ll get back to you.

About Me

I’m Jonnie and I’m living on the south coast of East Devon in the UK. I’m very lucky.

I live in a beautiful area of the world, looking out over a small marina as the setting sun beams directly into my living room. I have family close by, good friends and the ability to work when and where I please.

My Story

I qualified as a physiotherapist in 1982. From then until 2010 I worked with trauma, orthopaedic and pain patients and got promoted to head of my department in a major hospital.

Luckily I could retire early at 55! As I was healthy and had lots of things I wanted to do I took this like a shot and went travelling round Australia for six months, driving 14,000 miles (Australia is big!).

For the last 10 years of my work in the hospital I was very fortunate to work closely with the Pain Clinic in a team which included pain consultants, nurses, an occupational therapist and clinical psychologists.

So Why the Pain Guy Blog?

I learnt so much from my colleagues and from the over 1000 patients I assessed over the years in the Pain Management Team. I hope to highlight the importance of pain in the country and across the world and if I can help people with some of the insights I have gained, great!

I think pain is given way to little attention in medical care and in the wider world. I have always enjoyed teaching people what they needed to know about their pain problem and then seeing them change their behaviour towards a better life.

My aim is to clearly explain what pain means so that people can make the decisions they have to make to move forward. I want to explore what really works in pain treatment. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of therapies and devices which are claimed to work for pain, but do they?

Get Me To Cover A Topic

If you want the Pain Guy to investigate and explain any therapy or pain-related topic, just email me or use the contact form on the menu near the top of the page and I’ll do my best!

Formal Stuff

My name is Jonathan Blood Smyth.

I am a Health Professions Council registered physiotherapist in the United Kingdom. You can look me up on the link and my registration number is PH29720 cos my name sometimes gives the computers a searching problem.

I am also a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Physiotherapy Pain Association in the UK.