3 People Most Likely To Overdo It

If you’re one of the people most likely overdo it then ironically you’re the same person who finds it the hardest to apply possible solutions.

1. You like to get things done

You can hear yourself saying:

If a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well” and

Don’t start something you don’t mean to finish?”

2. You’re competitive

Oh yes! If you push yourself to achieve from an internal sense of competition, or to show others you can still cut it, you are likely to overdo madly.

I won’t let it beat me” is a common quote from your sort of personality.

3. “My back’s damaged and fragile”

Now this thought is going to lead to problems. You think there’s something very wrong with your back and that you have to look after it carefully. If you’re damaging yourself by an activity, it’s surely right to stop doing it.

These three “character types” or reactions to a pain problem deal with it in different ways, each of which can be negative for the future.

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